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The Arrangement

The “Understanding for a Practical Arrangement on Payments to the Victims of the Rana Plaza Accident and their Families” has been signed by representatives of all major stakeholders and forms the basis for establishing a credible, transparent and independent system for delivering support to the victims of Rana Plaza, their families and dependants in line with standards enshrined in ILO Convention No 121, which is concerned with employment injury benefits.

Who are the signatories of the Arrangement?

  • Government: The Ministry of Labour and Employment, Bangladesh;
  • Industry: Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers’ Association (BGMEA), Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF),
  • Trade unions: IndustriALL Bangladesh Council (IBC), National Coordination Committee for Workers’ Education (NCCWE),   IndustriALL Global Union,
  • Brands: Bonmarché, El Corte Ingles, Loblaw and Primark
  • Non Governmental Organisations: Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies (BILS), Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC).


What are the objectives of the Arrangement?

The Arrangement has two key objectives:

  • a) to provide payments to the victims of the Rana Plaza accident and their families and dependents in a transparent and equitable manner according to their losses, as well as access to medical care for victims in need
  • b) for the signatory parties to cooperate to achieve this  by developing and implementing the practical guidelines enshrined in the Arrangement, in order to verify the validity and value of each claim, and by providing for individual awards.


What are the key elements of the Arrangement?

The Arrangement forms the basis for the establishment of a comprehensive system to calculate and deliver financial and medical support to the Rana Plaza victims and their families. It sets out a number of practical steps that are needed to achieve this and mandates the Coordination Committee (link).to develop concrete mechanisms for delivering them. The required steps were agreed to be:

  • Define what Losses are to be covered: Adopt a “single approach” to identifying the type of losses to be covered by the scheme, define how they will be calculated and how they will be funded. The approach must be consistent the with standards set out in ILO Convention No.121
  • Delivery of assistance: Ensure necessary and appropriate support to affected workers and their families to assist them in effectively submitting claims for their losses. This will include: providing a service for counselling, assistance and representation to submit claims and ensure beneficiaries can give informed consent as to the exclusive and final nature of the process; providing an accessible process for interviewing beneficiaries and carrying out medical assessments; seeking to identify and assist those not yet registered by any of the parties.
  • Information Management: Gather together information already collected by the Arrangement signatories (and other parties) which is relevant to the processing of claims and develop and maintain a central database where this information, along with any further information collected through the claims process will be recorded. The database will also hold information relating to the payment of the agreed claim.
  • Appointment of experts: Identify and contract individuals and organisations able to provide the necessary expertise to assist the Coordination Committee in developing and implementing an effective system for providing fair coverage of losses of all RP victims. This includes the use of international expertise, appointment of short term Commissioners and expert technical staff for the collection of information, interviewing of beneficiaries, assessment of injuries, and determination of awards.

The Arrangement also mandates the Coordination Committee to play a role in overseeing the process, reviewing progress and developing any further systems required for the successful implementation of the Arrangement.

How long does the Arrangement last?

The Coordination Committee has been given the mandate to determine when the Arrangement has been fully implemented, at which point the Arrangement will be officially terminated.

Can other brands or stakeholders still sign the Arrangement?

As the sole purpose of the Trust Fund is to finance the full implementation of the Arrangement, all donors to the fund implicitly accept the Arrangement which is annexed to the terms and conditions of the Fund.


More information on the Arrangement

You can read the full text of the Arrangement  or download it as a PDF file.

If you have any further questions please email the Coordination Committee at .

Information in the Arrangement in Bangla

Download this PDF to see information on the Arrangement and on the claims process in Bangla.

Info on Arrangement in Bangla (PDF)