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Press release: The Rana Plaza Coordination Committee pays out BDT 50,000 to each victim of Rana Plaza collapse

The Rana Plaza Coordination Committee has made today made available approximately BDT 14,20,00,000 to make payments of 50,00BDT to eligible claimants through the BKash system. Payment is being made in respect of all injured workers, dependents of the deceased and missing workers, as well as the non-injured workers.

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The Coordination Committee has authorized payment of BDT 50,000 to each victim of Rana Plaza collapse with the exception of the New Wave Bottoms workers who are paid already the same amount by Primark in agreement with the Coordination Committee.

Payments are also being made with respect to the non-injured workers who were present in Rana Plaza on 24 April 2013 at the time of the fall of the building. It is important to note, however, that the BDT 50,000 which is being paid tomorrow will be considered as advance payment for the injured workers and the dependents of the deceased and missing workers, and it will be deducted from their total entitlement before further payments is made. In case of non-injured workers, on the other hand, the BDT 50,000 is the only compensation that they receive, in addition to the nine months salaries that they have previously received, along with all other workers, through Primark and other members of the Coordination Committee directly.

While the BDT 50,000 is being provided to all the victims, with the exception of N
ew Wave Bottoms workers who have been paid separately, through bKash mobile banking, there are a number of victims for whom sufficient information is not available to make the payment immediately. Any eligible claimant, who does not receive the BDT 50,000, can contact Rana Plaza Claims administration (telephone numbers: 01733336025 and 01733336022) to provide information and receive the said amount.

The present round of payments is being made in accordance with the decision of the Coordination Committee to provide all victims a meaningful sum in advance of the 24 April anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse. In the meantime, receiving and filing of claims continues in the Savar claims office and more payments will be made after review of claims filed and the calculation of total entitlement for each claimant.

The payments are being made out of the Rana Plaza Trust Fund, set up in Geneva by the ILO as the Trustee, and from the voluntary contributions made by the global brands and others to the Trust Fund. The Trust Fund has so far received approximately US$ 15 million and the total estimated amount calculated to be needed to compensate all the workers is approximately US$ 40 million.

The multi-stakeholder Rana Plaza Coordination Committee, was formed under the Rana Plaza Practical Arrangement on Payments to the Victims of the Rana Plaza Accident and their Families and Dependents for their Losses (Arrangement), and is composed of the Government, workers unions, industry, employers’ organizations, international and national relevant NGOs, and a number of global brands.

More information on the Arrangements and membership of Rana Plaza Coordination Committee can be found at