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Rana Plaza claims to begin on March 24th

Rana Plaza Coordination Committee announces claims for payment under the Arrangement will begin on Monday March 24th

On Monday March 10 the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee (RPCC) unanimously decided to start receiving the claims from the Rana Plaza victims or their families and dependents on Monday 24th March. With this start of the claims processing first payments are expected to be made to victims  in advance of the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza accident (24 April 2014), after independent awards recommended by a panel of three Commissioners are authorized for disbursement by the RPCC.

Appeals for contributions to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund were recently made by, among others, the Bangladesh Accord Foundation, the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and the Business Social Compliance Initative (BSCI). The Committee welcomed their support, and agreed various actions to intensify the outreach and fundraising both at global and at local level.  

The RPCC also reconfirmed its commitment to a single approach, consistent with Bangladeshi law and international standards, that would lead to payment of compensation to all Rana Plaza victims, in a consistent and transparent manner and avoid uncoordinated ad-hoc actions.

The RPCC appointed the remaining two claims commissioners, approved the operating budget and authorized the contracts for the operational activities to start.

As of March 24, the claims processing will be conducted in an office in Savar. All the victims or the families and dependents of deceased workers, including the families of the missing persons, will be contacted directly to file their claims. At that stage they will receive assistance in preparing and filing their claims, and the rest of the process will be explained to provide them an opportunity to give their informed consent. In addition a hotline in Savar is available to answer inquiries as of March 24.