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Rana Plaza Claims update: September 15 2014

An update on the number of claims received, processed and approved to date through the Rana Plaza Claims process

1. Claims submitted

From 24 March to 15 September 2014 a total of 2,832 claims have been received from dependents of the deceased or missing, as well as injured workers. Efforts continue to identify possible remaining claimants, and RPCA and CELL staff maintain presence in Savar as necessary to assist new claimants to complete and submit their claim forms and to open bank accounts.

5022 bank accounts have been open by the Dutch-Bangla bank for dependants of deceased and missing workers and for injured workers

2. Advance payments

In the tenth Coordination Committee meeting (link to minutes) it was agreed that all claimants would be provided with an advance payment of 50,000 BDT on the 22th April. Payments were initally based on a list provided by Primark and made via bKash – a mobile banking service previously used to make short term relief payments.

On 22nd April 2,340 claimants were paid 50,000 through bKash. Since that date a further 655 further claims have been received and verified and the 50,000 paid to beneficiaries through the Dutch Bangla Bank. 117 requests are still pending.

3. Endorsement of awards

nearly 1500 claims have been endorsed so far by the Coordination Committee. Approximately 1400 more awards need to be finalised for approval. It is expected this will be finalized by approximately end October 2014.

4. Payment of awards

All the awards so far endorsed have now been dispersed to claimants.

5. Missing workers

RPCA has received 141 claims from the families of the missing workers. There are discrepancies among different lists prepared by various authorities as to who could be considered as “missing”. The RPCA has started the review of cases with DNA matches, while discussing with the Commissioners the procedure to be followed for review of the remaining majority.