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Summary of key decisions from the twelfth and thirteenth Coordination Committee meeting

An overview of the key decisions taken at the 12th Coordination meeting (July 16 2014) and the 13th Coordination Committee meeting (14th August 2014)

1. Report on findings and recommendations of the ILO Expert Team, amongst others, the ILO Expert Team confirmed that the payment schedule for the calculation of injury and survivor benefits is in line with ILO international standards and good practice, and therefore can be used as a platform for benefit calculations. It also noted that the machinery of the calculations program is functioning well, but that procedures to confirm input data are needed to confirm that the data is clear and correct. The ILO Expert Team is in discussion with CRP in order to standardize and computerize their disability assessment procedures.

2. Adoption of Award Endorsement and Disbursement Authorization Procedure contains, amongst others, provisions on the endorsement of recommended awards; provision of Notices of Awards to the claimants; authorization of disbursement of awards including fixing the percentage to be applied; transfer of necessary funds for disbursement from the Rana Plaza Donor Trust Fund to the RPCA account; and the safe keeping of records.

3. Approval of an extended tentative schedule for the review of all recommended awards of the RPCA adopted, subject to there being no additional fund requirement beyond amounts in the current budget:

  • August 14, 2014: 332 cases – Part I of Instalment 1

  • August 27, 2014: 368 injured cases – Part II of Instalment 1

  • September 10, 2014: approximately 800 cases

  • October 9, 2014 : 700-800 cases

  • October 29 (or 30), 2014: 700-800 cases

4. Decision not to introduce a ceiling on a wage base below BDT 35,000 (under the 2010 minimum wage structure) but to consider and decide on introduction of a ceiling on a wage base above BDT 35,000 at a next CC meeting after further examination of the issue. Request to Commissioners to consider recommending payment of grace (minimum) amounts, as appropriate and on a case-by-case basis.

5. Endorsement of First Instalment (Part 1) of 332 recommended awardsconcerning deceased workers, which amount in total to 431,290,346 BDT..

Disbursement authorized with the disbursement percentage set at 40% until further notice. Trustee of the Rana Plaza Donor Trust Fund instructed to transfer the necessary funds in the amount of BDT 107,940,663.2,(representing 40 per cent of the awarded amounts after deducting the amounts already received by the beneficiaries from the RPCA and Prime Ministers Relief Fund) to the RPCA account

6. Decision that payments be transferred to bank accounts opened for the claimants with stipulation that up to 5,000 BDT will be available for immediate withdrawal and the remainder to be kept in fixed deposit for a period of three months so as to allow for vulnerability assessment and provision of after-award services, unless the beneficiary declines those services.

7. Cut-off date for claims set at the end of September 2014, which will be widely circulated to the public including through print and electronic media, government offices and publication on the website.

8. Decision to establish separate bank accounts for respectively operating expenses and claim payments, this for reasons of transparency and for audit and accounting purposes.

9. Decision to establish a mechanism for receiving individual unsolicited donations. The Clean Clothes Campaign will act as a host at the "Ammado" website, a global online fundraising tool currently used by 1,6 million non-profit organisations worldwide allowing people to make donations using a wide range of credit card, banking system and currency options. The Clean Clothes Campaign will collect the donations and then send them in bulk to the Rana Plaza Donor Trust Fund.

10. Decision to publish a FAQ on the website with information on general approaches to wage classification and calculations.

11. Decision to recognise contributions made from the PM Fund directly to claimants, which are deducted from the individual awards, through a statement on the RPCC website