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Summary of tenth CC meeting, 17th April 2014

The following is an extract of the Minutes of the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee meeting held on the 17th April 2014.

Present: all members of the CC; Executive Commissioner; ILO chair and experts; GIZ observer

1. Claims processing:

  • ILO technical experts have arrived in Dhaka to support the claims process on technical matters as provided in the Arrangement, in particular relating to operationalization of Convention 121, as well as to provide ad hoc assistance to the social partners.

  • TK 50,000 payment will be made on 22 April to all legitimate claimants and will serve as an advance payment to those whose claims when calculated by the RPCA surpass TK 50,000. The funds in the Dutch Bangla Bank operating account have been cleared by the Government and are now available for disbursement to victims or their families (link to disbursement update.

  • The first instalment of claims was expected to be processed and submitted to the CC for its authorization of disbursement by mid-May and to contain over 600 claims of families of deceased and missing workers.

  • Offsetting proposals would be developed and put forward to the CC for adoption by firm consensus. The proposal will draw upon the Commissioners’ views and the ILO experts’ advice.

  • Donations to the claims processing centre of office furniture and equipment from the European Union and the ILO were acknowledged with gratitude.

  • The Committee appreciated the extraordinary pace of work being carried out by the claims review team.

 2. Trust Fund

The treasurer informed the committee that as of 15th April 2014 the amount held in the trust Fund stood at USD 6,926,577. The fixed pledges are at approximately USD 1,300,000 with a number still under consideration.

The total amount for NWB beneficiaries to be paid by Primark is expected to be recognized under the coordinated scheme at around USD 7,000,000. Thus, the total resources available for disbursement under the auspices of the coordinated scheme are currently around USD 15,000,000.

 The Committee discussed a number of outreach activities to support continued donations into the Fund including

  • the possibility of setting up of a local account in Dhaka into which local contributors could make donations on the same terms and conditions as the international account. The ILO together with the Executive Commissioner were asked to investigate the possibilities for setting up such an account.

  • Contact to existing donors and to non-contributing brands to request further donations will be made by members of the Coordination Committee.

3. Public outreach