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Survivors of the Rana Plaza building collapse start claiming compensation

Claims processing successfully started in the Savar office on March 24 2014, as scheduled by the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee. The victims of the Rana Plaza collapse, including the families of the 1138 workers killed in the disaster and over a thousand workers left with life changing injuries have now started registering claims for payments under the Arrangement.

All beneficiaries will be invited to submit a claim, and will be asked to come to the claims processing office in Savar where they will receive assistance from the pre-claims counselling team to complete their claim form. All claims will be calculated using the claims formula designed and agreed by the Coordination Committee. Arrangements have been made with the Dutch Bangla Bank to open bank accounts for the claimants and their family members at the same time they come to Savar to fill out their cliam forms. Payments will be finally authorised by the Coordination Committee. Payments will be made over several instalments in most cases. The claims team and coordination committee aim to process all claims and complete all payments within approximately six months or so. It is foreseen that claimants will receive post award counselling as well to provide them advice on the optimal use of the compensation they will receive.

A large number of families of the deceased and missing workers have already attended the claims office and received assistance to file their claims through the claim forms, in an organised manner. A four-person team from the DBB has opened accounts for all those who filed their claims.

The claims review team is operational, including lawyers, accountants, IT and support staff.  Equipment and the necessary retrofitting of the office space has also been accomplished on a rapid basis, with the help of the Savar Army Cantonment, GIZ-IS, ILO and EU.  Training has been completed for the pre-claims counselling phase and the medical assessment teams have received preliminary guidance.  The three Claims Commissioners have started their work, and have taken a number of decisions on the pending legal issues. 

As an immediate measure, the Coordination Committee has authorised a flat advance payment of 50,000 BDT to be provided to every family by 24th April (around $2 million in total) to be credited against their final claim award.